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ULANCO PAY APP The Uranco Pay app is an application with its own wallet.
It is being developed as an optimal environment for entering Uranco's economy
The basic configuration is a pay wallet, linked shopping mall, accommodation
reservation service, various online advertisements, It consists mainly of rewards.

With Pay Wallet, you can withdraw URANCO from the exchange or purchase
URANCO directly from your wallet. You can pay directly at shopping malls
and accommodations with Uranco, which is linked to the Uranco Pay app.

The fee for payment is very low, so both consumers and sellers can buy
and sell goods at reasonable prices As a result, 10% of the URANCO generated
as a fee is accumulated in the fund that contributes to the URANCO ecosystem.

ULANCO Payment

Uranco Payment is made up of virtual assets
It will be used as a payment tool in all places.

It will become the center of the transaction
and will work soon, and not only payment but also
It will be a means that can be used anywhere
where there is a basic flow of money flow.

Uranco payments can be operated through the Uranco application.
Users will pay 0.3% commission to Uranco,
and the remaining 99.7% excluding 0.3% The amount is paid
to the merchant that has adopted the payment service.

Payment by both consumers and affiliates through agreements
with affiliates in various fields We use the service and try to proceed
without any inconvenience. Uranco supports various cryptocurrencies
as well as Uranco through the application.


- Purchase BTC, ETH, LTC, UAC and other virtual assets using cash or card
- Sell BTC, ETH, LTC, UAC and other virtual assets to cash
- Recharge fiat currency into your e-wallet
- Payment of utility bills and services

UAC Token

UAC PAY aims to improve problems such as high fees and slow settlement cycles faced
by the existing payment market. We are trying to popularize cryptocurrency's real payment service.

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ULANCO aims to commercialize fast and easy payment
We have the following roadmap